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Planespotting At Ikea

Sun Mar 11, 2001 11:06 am

Has anyone in the New York area gone to the IKEA in Elizabeth and sat in their cafeteria? Across the Jersey TPKE from EWR and the have nice big picture windows. Pretty good planespotting and you can get some Swedish cakes and coffee while significant other runs up the credit card bill. I've never been bothered by "security" wondereing what the hell I am doing there.

Is this a known place to watch?
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RE: Planespotting At Ikea

Sun Mar 11, 2001 1:40 pm

Yea i love that place. My dad shops for some furniture somtimes and i just hangout on the balcony and spot with a plate of swedish meetballs which i love. The only bad part is i live kind of far away.
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RE: Planespotting At Ikea

Sun Mar 11, 2001 2:38 pm

What is a Swedish meatball? From Sweden, or just Swedish nationality?

RE: Planespotting At Ikea

Sun Mar 11, 2001 2:45 pm

I've been to that ikea a several times, when i do go I end up being there usually longer then I expect. I think it a great location where they put that cafeteria. I went in the summer and got to enjoy being outside in the parking lot watching a few planes roar off the runway (one of them being a lufthansa 747), got to appreciate the closeness to the runway. Its a great spot where else can u buy furnishings and check out planes at one place.

RE: Planespotting At Ikea

Sun Mar 11, 2001 3:45 pm

I work at that Ikea. Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin
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RE: Planespotting At Ikea

Sun Mar 11, 2001 4:16 pm

when was I was like 13-14 I used to love when my parents would go to Ikea over on the NJ turnpike. That was my opportunity to go up to the cafeteria area and check out planes. During the summer the outside deck is open and you can look over at the beginning of 4R/4L and watch planes take off or land. It was cool, but I always kinda wished the had built it right on the turnpike so I could get evern closer ..hehehe But now I work at EWR so I get to touch the planes now......I love it...
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RE: Planespotting At Ikea

Sun Mar 11, 2001 4:42 pm

That Ikea is a great place. My wife would always get nervous when we would drive past EWR as my glace would inevitably drift off the highway and toward the airport. Much safer to sit in the cafeteria at Ikea.

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