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Best In-flight Entertainment!

Mon May 03, 1999 4:33 am

Hi folks,

Which Airline do you think has the best in-flight Entertainment?

I would say Virgin Atlantic has the best, listen to this, 8 channels of the latest blockbusters, 4 channels of classic movies, 8 channels of comedy, sport, news etc., 10 nitendo games and 5 P.C games all in Economy Class.

Also, what would you rather watch:- an overhead monitor, Personal T.V screen or a large screen at the front of the cabin?

Thanks in advance

Craig Stewart
Scotland, UK

RE: Best In-flight Entertainment!

Mon May 03, 1999 5:31 am

I don't know who has the best entertainent, but I can answer the other question. My first choice would be to watch an armrest-mounted video screen, as AA has in first class. I've never used seat-back video, so I don't know whether I'd prefer that or the big screen.
David L
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RE: Best In-flight Entertainment!

Mon May 03, 1999 6:09 pm

I'd go for any high-brightness personal screen so I can look out the window when I feel like it and not have to shut the blinds. I can see a film any time but the outside view is happening "now". There's also the advantage of greater personal viewing choice, of course.
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RE: Best In-flight Entertainment!

Mon May 03, 1999 7:49 pm

My favourite is a personal TV, I hate those large main screens which show stuff I often don't want to see. The personal choice is the main factor regarding flight entertainment.

Of the airlines which offer PTVs in Economy I've flown on SIA, Cathay and United. The best is SIA, around 20 channels of movies, news and games. Malaysia, Lauda, Emirates, Virgin and many others also offer similar wide range entertainment options, but I haven't tried them yet.

Cathay and United just offered six channels each, not comparable (and NOT competitive) to SIA's Krisworld.

Some airlines are on my black list because they show no intention to install PTVs.
Lufthansa is such a carrier (even though main rivals like BA, AF and SR install PTVs, LH doesn't react), as well as KLM, Thai, Qantas and (unfortunately) many others.


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RE: Best In-flight Entertainment!

Mon May 03, 1999 9:38 pm

I would agree that Virgin is currently the best for in-flight diversions. I particularly enjoy the aircraft situation display (but ala United, there should be ATC comm as the audio complement). I recently flew Lufthansa business class, and the small screens popped up from each armrest; the poor stiffs in cattle class had to settle for one giant screen (on a 747-200). The small screen is best.
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RE: Best In-flight Entertainment!

Tue May 04, 1999 1:19 am

I would prefer the personal screens. And I don't see any advantage of overhead monitors. A large one in front would do.