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Continental, TWA, United Cancelled

Mon Mar 12, 2001 11:02 am

I was looking at the flights going to steamboat springs CO (HDN) today and i noticed that the continental flight (flight # 581) was rerouted to DEN. The TWA (flight #641) to ABQ. and United cancelled at DEN. Could this be due to weather in Steamboat, i know it is a hard area to land in with the mountains and no tower their. I looked at the weather for HDN steamboat and they weren't getting tons of snow just 1 inch and they said p. cloudy. Does anyone have any idea of why this happend?

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RE: Continental, TWA, United Cancelled

Mon Mar 12, 2001 1:59 pm

Low ceiling clouds possible cannot land due RVR rules by FAA. Or ILS out of service or airport might be small plane crashed or accident on the runway? I don't know what happen in HDN today. Interesting news.


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