Registration Letters: AU ?

Mon May 03, 1999 9:42 am

I see MANY USAirways aircraft with the registration ending in NxxxAU but in USAirways colors. Most recently, an MD-80, 757, and 737 with those last registration letters. I was thinking it can't be PSA, or Piedmont, what is it? All answers apprciated!!!
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RE: Registration Letters: AU ?

Mon May 03, 1999 11:15 am

I don't know the significance of AU, but USAir - US Airways has been using it for years on new aircraft. They are not left over from some other airline. Since Northwest has used US on the end of their registrations, I used to think that is why USAir didn't, but then they started using US on theirs, too.

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RE: Registration Letters: AU ?

Thu May 06, 1999 7:24 am

I know AU is the code of the argentinian domestic airline AUSTRAL LINEAS AEREAS. And be sure, it has nothing to do with this airline. The fleet always consisted of DC-9`s, MD-81's and MD-83's.

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