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Status Of Taag Angola

Mon Mar 12, 2001 11:59 am

Does anybody know the current operating status of TAAG Angola? I had read that one of their (perhaps their only) 747 was gounded at Lisbon for mechanical problems and therefore services had been curtailed quite a bit. Their website is very dated, and has last Summer's timetable. The website also indicates that they still operate the 707 and IL-62.

I used to see their 747-300 Combi at GIG regularly (once a week).
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RE: Status Of Taag Angola

Mon Mar 12, 2001 6:29 pm


TAAG - Angola airlines is flying regulary. They have 2 B. 747-300's, D2-TEA is ex: SIA and D2-TEB is ex: Swissair. I can't confirm that one of their 747 is currently stored at Lisbon due to technical problems but if they used 2 of them and one is out probably they're flying their passengers with other airlines or they might have leased one plane to replace this 747. About the IL62 and the 707 it's been years since I stopped seeing them and my opinion is that soon TAAG must start to replace these 2 models and even add some to replace too the 747's. My opinion is splitted in both manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, if for one way Airbus could be a good option specially because TAAG always had good relations with TAP and now TAP is an all Airbus fleet, in the other way TAAg also have good relations with SAA and thei use Boeing, so one of them will win, for me if Airbus wins TAAG could use perhaps some A319 and A320's in their regional and close neighbours and for long hauls the A330-200 or the A340-300. With Boeing I think some B. 737-600 and 700's and finnally the 767-300 or even the 777-200.
I hope this helps.
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RE: Status Of Taag Angola

Mon Mar 12, 2001 6:47 pm

Angola Airlines is known for flying second-hand aircraft 10-30 years old. The 747-300s are still "brandnew" for TAAG-standards and they come from two of the worlds best airlines, so it would surprise me if they would leave the fleet anytime before the end of this decade.
The IL-62 is still in TAAGs fleetlist, but is most likely stored. They seem to have taken it out of regular service upon arrival of the first B747 three years ago. Its rather astonishing because the Iljuschin is only 15 years old.
The B707 is no longer in the fleet. There is only one left in the fleetlist, but with the remark "stored in bad condition".

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