Aviation Trivia...not For Amateurs

Mon Mar 12, 2001 5:41 pm

Note, in order to reply, I am going to require that you be over the age of 18 years. Also, no regurgitation of facts from books. And no, being an MS flightsim pilot does not count.

1. What are the maximum turbojet holding airspeeds?

These questions apply to the MD-80 and are taken from a test:
2. After engine start, where do you place the VOLT/FREQ selector switch, and why?

3. What is the engine starter duty cycle?

4. At what point should the fuel control lever be placed to the ON position during a ground engine start procedure? When must the ENG START switch be released to the OFF position?

5. While parked at the gate, and air conditioning has been established with either air conditioning pack and external power in use, what caution should be adhered to?

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RE: Aviation Trivia...not For Amateurs

Mon Mar 12, 2001 6:12 pm


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