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Who Can Help Me?

Mon Mar 12, 2001 7:12 pm

Is anyone out there who can tell me something about two flights I did a long time ago.

1. Aug.25th1979 Frankfurt/Germany(FRA) to Palma de Mallorca(PMI), back on Sep.08th1979. The airline was Condor(DE)
I would need the Aircraft and if possible even the registration that opertated on this flight.

2. Oct.07th1992 Frankfurt(FRA) to Kos/Greece(KGS) Flightnumber DE2812 B757-200, back on Oct.21st1992 DE2813 B767-300 ER
What reg. did these Aircraft have?

Since 1994 I´m a plane spotter and I have documented all flights I made in my pers. Logbook. Only this two little things are missing.
Thank you very much in advance.