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Will 747-400LRs Be Converted To Freighters?

Tue Mar 13, 2001 5:25 am

I've just been wondering about the 747 400LR and it struck me that are we looking at the new 747-300? Just has the 743 has become the flavour of the month for freight conversion at a relatively young age do you think the same life cycle awaits the 744LR. It could end up this way when you consider that it has a seemingly parallel situation to that of the 743, in that as the imminent arrival of the 744 overshadowed it's own sales(and the SPs) as airlines waited for the newer 744 aircraft. Now that Boeing seem to be solidifying the plans for the 747x (not to mention the 380)it would figure that with the new wing and higher payloads etc it may be worth waiting, as I'm sure they will. Interesting that Qantas will have all three types.

Am I on to something? I'd Love to hear your thoughts.