Airline Consolidation

Tue Mar 13, 2001 8:57 am

In reference to the proposed mergers. I think if the twa --aa merger happens, and the us airways/united merger goes through--there will be no competition--such as national/eastern deal in the 70's/80's. Also it will continue with the next big two--delta/continental merger will be next. in the airline business nobody wants to be left behind--lets hope this doesnt happen--to have only the big "3". The aviation industry is truly amazing with so many major carriers--hub and spoke cities, i respect all of you for your great interest and work in this remarkable field.
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RE: Airline Consolidation

Tue Mar 13, 2001 2:13 pm

1) Eastern and National did not merge. In 1980, Pan Am and National merged. (Eastern was raped and pilaged by Continental/Lorezo/TIA in the early 90's)

2) TWA and AA is not a merger, it is more like AA devouring TWA (like Mercedes did to Chrysler; and like that will run them to the ground...)

3) not all mergers work or are needed.