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Greensboro Intl + Twa?

Tue May 04, 1999 6:55 am

Does anybody think that once TWA gets their new narrowbodies (A318, A320, and MD-95) that they will start service to smaller cities such as Greensboro, NC with these aircraft?

For those who don't know, Greensboro has 6 majors (American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, USAirways) and 2 startups/regionals (AirTran, Eastwind). It has about 75 flights to nearly 20 cities across the eastcoast.

It seems like this would be a perfect city for TWA to add to their list, along with many other cities like this across the US.
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RE: Greensboro Intl + Twa?

Tue May 04, 1999 8:53 am

I think they will possibly add service to St. Louis. I am surprised Greensboro isn't a little more popular with the airlines. If I ran an airline, I'd offer a lot of Greensboro flights. When Continental had its hub their, I switched planes their once and the terminal was jammed packed full of people. I wonder how it is now?
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RE: Greensboro Intl + Twa?

Tue May 04, 1999 9:20 am

TWA already has a very large route network for a medium sized airline, so I don't expect them to go into any new cities, just start more flights to current cities. Also, Raleigh and Charlotte (where they already go) have more business flyers than GSO. TWA concentrates on getting those customers, so they would probably just reinforce their service to CLT or RDU.