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Tue Mar 13, 2001 11:01 pm

To all: I will be leaving on a business trip to the US west coast on 3/15 and have been booked on UA flying "an Airbus a/c". That, of course, means an A319 from BUF to ORD and an A320 to LAX. While this may not seem of much significance to our European or Canadian friends who are used to flying on these planes or to those who fly frequently on UA or NW, it is of great interest to me since this will only be the second time I've flown in a 'bus! As I've posted many times here, I fly mostly on AA, CO or, to a lesser extent, DL, so the opportunity to fly an Airbus is, well, virtually nonexistent. I've flown JetBlue once, but ~ 30 minutes in an a/c does not make much of an impression.
I will be interested to see if all of the hype surrounding the A320/737 comparisons mean anything. I have always liked the MD8X's, and I have a very good impression of the 737NG's, which I flown in rather more frequently as time has gone on. So we shall see...

BTW, for those of you who have reported on the blue-green 732 with the red-orange Fleur-de-lis device on the tail in various places(I believe PIT was the last mention of this plane), I saw it leave BUF yesterday. The angle of the sun prevented me from seeing the reg or if there was any titling on the cabin. Did we ever figure out who owns this plane? There is also a sister ship in reverse colors!

One last item; I saw my first 737-700 in Southwest's new colors in BUF yesterday. That will take some getting used to...

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