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HNL Takeoffs And Landings

Wed Mar 14, 2001 12:28 pm

Does anybody know what runways are used for departures and landings at HNL? Are some runways designated for the interisland flights while others are used for the bigger long-range planes? Numbered runways would be great if you know them. Also, are the takeoff patterns at HNL affected by the mountains surrounding the airport and the nearby skyscrapers of downtown Honolulu? Do the planes fly around the mountains or directly over them? As much detail as possible would be great. Anyone who knows anything at all about this subject, thanks a lot!
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RE: HNL Takeoffs And Landings

Wed Mar 14, 2001 2:22 pm

On trade wind days, 8L is used for interisland departures and the heavies taxi out to the reef runway 8R for departures. 8L handles most of the arrivals including interisland arrivals which follow the channel into Pearl Harbor before making a hard right turn to 8L and the heavies are sent out towards Barbers Point for an 8-10 mi final for 8L. 4R is also used for primarily for interisland and cargo arrivals. At night, noise abatement is in place so all arrivals are via 4R which keeps the aircrafts over the ocean.
On kona wind days, the heavies use 26L for departure while interisland aircraft use 26R. Occasionally, i've seen some aircraft use 22L for departures but this is pretty rare. Because of the mountains and buildings of downtown in the way of the 26's, the LDA 26L is used. They usually stay a couple miles offshore on a 300 heading until they intercept the localizer at about 3-4 miles from the runway at about an altitude of around 1500 feet. On occasion some of the interisland flights will fly the LDA 26L and request 26R which involves a little steeper turn.
Takeoff patterns for 8L & 8R are affected by the tall buildings in downtown honolulu. Shortly after takeoff the aircraft banks right to usually a heading of 120 which puts them a couple miles off the south shorline with good views of waikiki and diamond head.
The only time planes fly over the mountains at HNL is when the aircraft is arriving from the mainland on 8L. This involves flying over the Koolau mountains, over downtown, out over the ocean and back onshore near Barbers Point with a right turn for final to 8L

RE: HNL Takeoffs And Landings

Wed Mar 14, 2001 3:45 pm

the best arrivals are Kona days when they give you 26R. The arrival is over every beach from Sandy's right past Waikiki and Honolulu. great view if you have the right side of the aircraft, or the cockpit. The only time they will depart you on 4 r/l is in a small single or twin. Red Hill departure I think it was. The mountains rise real quick after but couldnt be worse than 8 in ABQ which is always used, or some other places with rising terrain. Its all about noise abatement.
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RE: HNL Takeoffs And Landings

Wed Mar 14, 2001 3:53 pm

I was in Hawaii last summer.
We flew in on a United 747-200 from SFO.
I also did many inter-island flights on 737-200 and Dash-8 turbo prop.
It seemed like we used the same runway on takeoff and departure on all flights. These were all morning & noon flights in early June.

Is it possible that all 3 types of a/c I flew on were the same runway?
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RE: HNL Takeoffs And Landings

Wed Mar 14, 2001 5:09 pm

On my trip to Hawaii last year, we flew in on what I thought was a rather unusual approach at the time. We entered the Oahu airspace from the northeast, flew a circuit of the island around the northeast and southwest corners and headed due east. Then we turned final for rwy. 4R and landed--with a spectacularly soft touchdown for an on-time arrival.

I will note, though, that this was the Fourth of July, and I'm guessing that our captain was trying to give us a good view of the fireworks over Waikiki, which were just ending as we arrived. The flight was on a Delta L-1011, and the unusual landing (every other time I've been to Hawaii has been off/on one of the 8 runways) added a little spice to an absolutely wonderful flight.

On my trip to Hilo while I was there (aboard Aloha), we took off from 8L and landed on 4R--those interisland pilots sure know how to motor like racecar drivers...we must have had full flap and gear pulled out on out 732 in about 45 seconds!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

The departure to Atlanta, aboard another Delta L-1011 (a 250, I believe), was off the reef runway 8R--an exciting and climactic way to end a wonderful Hawaiian vacation.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy