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B737 And A320 Seats

Wed May 05, 1999 8:20 am

Do most airlines have the same sized seats in theirA320s and 737s? How would the economy section of a 737NG compare to an economy section of the A320?
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RE: B737 And A320 Seats

Thu May 06, 1999 4:07 am

Only difference would be each seat would be an inch wider, the isle would be wider and the window seats on the Airbus would have the same amount of leg room as the middle and isle seats, on the 737s their is less legroom/space available to put lugguge under the seat in front of you under the windo seats. Anything besides that is airline specific like inflight entertainment, etc.

RE: B737 And A320 Seats

Thu May 06, 1999 4:36 pm


Swissairs airbuses are real cool... have leather seats in Economy and are much more comfortable than a 737... also slight;ly wider and had a bit more leg room

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RE: B737 And A320 Seats

Thu May 06, 1999 6:11 pm

I've flown on both types (B737 and A320-family) and my opinion is: You can't just see the wider aisle of an Airbus, you really can feel it while sitting on a wider seat.
Addidionally hand luggage can be stored much better in an Airbus narrow-body, it's just much more space in there!
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