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OZ Domestic Flights

Fri Mar 16, 2001 10:51 am

I'm going to Australia this July, and the plan is to travel around between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

So far I'm thinking of taking flights from 3 domestic airlines: Qantas, Impulse and Virgin Blue.

Which of those three is better in term of service, time table and airport/terminal facilities?

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RE: OZ Domestic Flights

Fri Mar 16, 2001 10:59 am

QF have by far the most frequencies, bigger planes and better terminals. The other 2 are budget carriers only. Impulse do not fly directly between BNE and MEL and VB do not fly directly between SYD and MEL.
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RE: OZ Domestic Flights

Fri Mar 16, 2001 12:56 pm

There is also Ansett Australia which I believe have the best service in Australia.
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RE: OZ Domestic Flights

Fri Mar 16, 2001 1:14 pm

If cost is a factor and you know when you want to fly the best deals can be found at the QF website. Ansett, Impulse and V.B all offer similar fares but they seem to be easier to get on QF and they offer a lot more frequencies/capacity.
If you want variety I would do a QF and an Impulse sector if you are only doing the 2 flights.
For an idea on cost you can do SYD/MEL or SYD/BNE for about $65 dollars Australian if you book through the net far enough in advance on QF, just pick flights out of peak times. Thats about $33 U.S.
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RE: OZ Domestic Flights

Fri Mar 16, 2001 6:38 pm

Jupiter 2 pretty much said it all.

QANTAS is probably the best service with the best frequency. go everywhere will match the cheapies. Fly 737s and 767s domestically.

Impulse Airlines
Fly 717 between the capital cities, decent legroom.
They are based in Sydney and also have a regional network in NSW.

Virgin Blue
Based in Brisbane, fly BNE-SYD; BNE-TSV; BNE-ADL; SYD-ADL; BNE-MEL; SYD-MEL to come.
They are based in Brisbane flying 737s; seem to cater to the leisure market with tight leg room but comfy seats.

Fares between BNE-SYD and SYD-MEL should be able to get for AUS $66.00; AUS$33.00 if you are really lucky. BNE-MEL start at about $118.00.

All 3 virgin, QANTAS, Impulse make web bookings easy, looking is ok too, no need to register. Ansett also have a website but find it a pain to use.
Web fares are usually "non changeable, non refundable use it or loss it" that sounds familiar where did I copy that from.

Why fly non stop when you can connect

RE: OZ Domestic Flights

Fri Mar 16, 2001 7:29 pm

Just be careful with the fares and the advertising hype. With the so called budget Airlines you may also find that the cheap flights are only one way and at some terrible hour. I find it suits me better to book well in advance on AN or QF as the fares are then relatively cheap, you get something to eat and if there is a breakdown there are more frequent flights to accomodate the backlog. Maybe you are an early-bird, can go for 70 - 80 minutes without eating, on a budget and not meeting any important deadlines - if so, go for it! You can get a snack on Virgin but really pay through the nose for it. I heard that from my son but, then again, he is a real fang! A/C type doesn't matter much as the flight time is so short on those sectors. The B767 unloads faster but you still have to wait for your bags.

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