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Northwest And 747-400Fs.

Wed May 05, 1999 9:54 pm

With Northwest wanting to expand their passenger and freighter service to Shanghai and other Chinese cities, do you think they will order the 747-400F or phase out some of their 747-200s and make them into freighters?
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RE: Northwest And 747-400Fs.

Wed May 05, 1999 10:24 pm

That's a tough call. Northwest has shown itself to be less willing to spend money on new widebodies than most airlines. I know they have been renewing the daylights out of their narrowbody fleet, but they have continued to buy used DC10-30's and they are only just now receiving the final 4 747-400's after their original 10 747-400's from quite a few years ago. I don't think they'll spring for the new birds even though they would no doubt be extremely productive. They'll probably refurbish their existing slew of 747-200F's and leave it like that for a while.
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RE: Northwest And 747-400Fs.

Wed May 05, 1999 10:36 pm

I agree with Navions assesment. I do want to add that the delivery time for rebuilt -200's would be less and probably wouldn't involve new aircraft. Just take -200's off the pax line as those last -400 come on line.