Who Painted These

Sat Mar 17, 2001 5:40 pm

Hi guys....

I was listening to Art Bell and he said that he had some aircraft photo's put up on his website.

So I went to take a look. There are three images there. There are 3 of them. The one on the bottom is the two Migs that swapped parts midair in Fairford a couple of years back. But rather they are two airbush paintings. and a couple of famous ones to boot.

One is the one with the B-1 "beaking the sound barrier" at about 50 ft Agl above a lake.

The other one is of an Apache helicopter kicking up mist on a pond.

I have dropped Art a line to ask what is up with calling them photos. Haven't heard back yet Smile/happy/getting dizzy it has only been about five minutes.

I can't remember who painted them though. So I was wondering if yall could take a look at them and tell me who the artist was?

I appreciate it....

I better give you the link too. You then go to the "What's New" page and then it says airplane images right there. Click there and they will come up....

I really would appreciate the answer