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New TWA Aircraft

Sun Mar 18, 2001 9:18 am

Will TW take delivery of anymore new a/c? And, are they continuing to repaint a/c from the "hockey stripe" livery to the newest TW livery or has all a/c painting stopped at the maintenance facilities?
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RE: New TWA Aircraft

Sun Mar 18, 2001 10:02 am

DL Widget Head, this is reguarding AA@DFW possiable base w/AA. New York's LGA is a VERY junior base, MIA is senior. Now, I am saying LGA, not JFK, which is pretty senior. Just thought I would clarify that for you.

Bob PS Sorry I have no answer reguarding your post on TWA aircraft.
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RE: New TWA Aircraft

Sun Mar 18, 2001 10:04 am

TWA is now essentially dead. All aircraft will be stripped clean and painted with AA titles. Read the news papers.

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