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Aviation Schools In Canada, Is There A Point?

Mon Mar 19, 2001 2:44 am

I am from Montreal, Canada. I am a student looking to attend an aviation school. I have looked for schools across Canada aswell as the United States. Canada's schools are not linked with any airlines. But in the United States alot of the schools are linked and/or owned by a major airline. This is an advantage,however I would love to do my flight training in Canada, but with all these schools in the United States associated with airlines. Is there a point of training in Canada? After grauduating you are on your own, but in the States you have that head start of already being with an airline. Please help and give me your opinion. Thank you.

RE: Aviation Schools In Canada, Is There A Point?

Mon Mar 19, 2001 3:12 am

I think you are falling into the trap.
>>owned by a major airline<<
I take it you are talking about Delta owning Comair. It doesn't mean a thing. Delta owns Comair the airline, and Comair the flight school is run as a different entity. Training there gives you no advantages if you later hope to get on with Delta!

I am not sure what other schools you are talking about, however just remember most of them want your money more then you!

Also you have to remember, that if you want to fly up in Canada after doing training in the US you will have to convert, am I not sure how complex it is but I know FAA to JAA is a mess. And if you want to fly in the US, you will have to get right to live and work there (unless you already have them), which is also quite tough!
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RE: Aviation Schools In Canada, Is There A Point?

Mon Mar 19, 2001 4:04 am

University of Western located in London, Ontario has an aviation management program with or without flight training. It affiliated with Air Ontario (?), Air Canada regional. It's in its second year of operation so the track record is unproven. But if Western's reputation is of any indication of the program's worthiness, I think you'll be well-served to try out that program.
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RE: Aviation Schools In Canada, Is There A Point?

Mon Mar 19, 2001 1:54 pm

I know Humber College has an Aviation Management, I believe its the same as the course I took. You go to Humber and get a rinky dink Bussiness diploma and spend the rest of the time focusing on the profession. For me that was golf and I think that the aviation one uses the island airport and you do get a couple of licences. Maybe your private and twin engine???? I don't really know. You should check out this web site and go to the courses or something like that and search aviation. I know its about $50,000 for the three years but I think you get a lot of hours up in the air??? Check it out, I was considering it untill the price tag showed up!@!@!@!

Hope that helps

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RE: Aviation Schools In Canada, Is There A Point?

Mon Mar 19, 2001 1:58 pm

Seneca College is well respected, many AC pilots have graduated from their program. However, it is very competitive. I may apply for that program after I get my university degree.

Their site is

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