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Condor 757s

Mon Mar 19, 2001 3:51 pm

I was reading Airliner World when I skimmed over a caption underneath a photo of a 757 operated by the new airline DutchBird. It said that Condor was leasing out 757s w/ PW engines while it was replacing them with 757s equipped with RR engines. Why is Condor doing this, and what was wrong with the 757s with the PW engines? Is this even true, or was the author merely referring to the new 753s in the fleet with RR engines? Any info welcome.
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RE: Condor 757s

Tue Mar 20, 2001 12:04 am

afaik Condor´s 757-300 have RR engines, so they might want to get a little commonality.
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RE: Condor 757s

Tue Mar 20, 2001 2:07 am

Some of the -200s with P&W engines are replaced by -300s with RR engines. They do not need all the extra capacity the -300s give, so they sells -200s to not have more capacity than needed.