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Cathay Problems?

Thu May 06, 1999 6:38 pm

I received the new CX timetable some days ago and I discovered at the stop press page that between April and late May, and between May and late June many flights are already cancelled, such as to Sydney, London or New York.
I know they are in trouble (losses), but does anybody know why those flights on important routes already have been cancelled?

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RE: Cathay Problems?

Thu May 06, 1999 7:22 pm

I noticed this about 2 weeks ago when I checked the CX website for HKG-SYD Services. The Morning flight CX111/0 is now 3 days a week with a 744 and the mid-morning flight is still daily but with 744's 4 days a week and 343's on the others.

I am led to beleive this is only a temporary arrangement and is due to seasonal load trends. That is, as we approach Winter here in the Southern half of this good planet - the tourists tend to go elsewhere. hence the twice daily services are no longer warranted. Common business sense really, and I am certain that it has nothing whatsoever to do with their finances.

Cathay will more than likely be utilising the aircraft on more profitable routes with higher load factors.

Hope this answers perhaps one of the questions!

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RE: Cathay Problems?

Thu May 06, 1999 7:29 pm

Damn, how'd I end up with the name Craig as my Posted By name......

I promise to be more vigilant in future!

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