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Favorite Airport

Tue Mar 20, 2001 3:48 am

What is you favorite airport and why
Mine is Honolulu International (HNL) because its open in places and i used to see all DC-10's and L-1011's.  Smile
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RE: Favorite Airport

Tue Mar 20, 2001 6:02 am

Puerto Vallarta Intl. I could see planes landing and taking off from the beach near my hotel. I could see them from the hotel room too, it was absolutely crazy.


RE: Favorite Airport

Thu Mar 22, 2001 2:05 am

Well, Cmk10, mine would have to be my home airport, LAX. Why? Because..

Large exotic jumbos like EVA, Qantas, Cathy, Asiana, Varig, Air New Zealand, Korean, ANA, JAL, China Airlines, Air China, China Southern and Eastern, and of course my favorite, Air Tahiti Nui

It's next to the ocean and the planes roar over the pacific

Lots of charters like LTU and SkyServer

Plenty of L1011 and DC10 action

Cool cargo planes (Polar Air, Atlas Air, Evergreen, ect..)
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RE: Favorite Airport

Thu Mar 22, 2001 2:10 am

I'd say it's GOT, my home airport. I think it could be nice if it would have been a bit bigger but it's fine for me.

Just like birdwatching - without having to be so damned quiet!