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What Are Your LET 410 Experiences?

Tue Mar 20, 2001 4:00 am

Hi! What are your LET 410 flight experiences? I'd like to enjoy a flight on a Seagle Air LET 410 from Bratislawa to Kosice because of the airplane. Best regards, Clemens!
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RE: What Are Your LET 410 Experiences?

Tue Mar 20, 2001 5:05 am

B737-200 -

I've logged three flights on the LET 410 and all three were routine & enjoyable flights. The high-wing configuration allows for great views from any window seat.
A few years ago I flew Aerolineas Sosa of Honduras from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba to Utila (a small island on the north coast with excellent, dirt cheap scuba diving and sport fishing, though I think the hurricane a couple years ago pretty much levelled it). The airstrip on Utila is pretty short and we had a full load on the way out. Fortunately the LET 410 performed well on the short dirt strip, 'cause here I am telling about it now.
Just a couple of months ago I flew on one (airline unknown, sad to say) from Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, to Canaima, the gateway to Angel Falls. A fantastic flight, though this had more to do with the scenery than the airplane. However...3 days later when I was to fly out I learned that our LET 410 was grounded in Ciudad Bolivar due to engine trouble. Thus I was stranded in Canaima for an extra day. Anyone who has been to Canaima can understand when I say, being stranded there an extra day is no great hardship (though the beer is EXPENSIVE). Wound up flying out in a pretty rough looking Cessna 172. The bird got me home ok though. This flight was the best of all as I was in the "copilot" seat (alas, no stick time).
An eerie sidenote to my trip was that about a week later a Rutaca DC-3 crashed on takeoff out of Ciudad Bolivar, having just arrived from Canaima. I had seen this bird several times in Canaima and had even remarked to my companion, "wouldn't it be cool if we flew out on THAT". In hindsight a great relief to myself, and friends and family back home, that we didn't...
Anyway I'm rambling off the subject (which I confess is usually my S.O.P.). The LET 410 struck me as a hardy, sturdy bird that does well in short takeoff/landing situations in "underdeveloped" airports.
Enjoy your trip!
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RE: What Are Your LET 410 Experiences?

Tue Mar 20, 2001 6:39 am

I was almost on one. But I had to take An-2 instead...
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