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A'A West Coast Fleet ?

Fri May 07, 1999 6:21 am

American Airlines has ordered there more Boeing 737-800 aircraft. A'A says the aircraft will be used to replace three MD-80 aircraft currently in Reno Air's fleet because the MD-80 aircraft are leased to Reno Air.
American Airlines also is saying that the 737-800 will not be used for west coast routes that Reno Air flies on.

When American Airlines does start flying Reno Air routes what aircraft do you think American Airlines will start flying for the routes, do you think they will stay with MD-80 and MD-90 aircraft?

I think they should start 737-800 or 757-200 service for the Seattle-Orange County and Seattle-Anchorage route. What do you think American Airlines will do?

Farhan Ali. Newport Beach, California
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RE: A'A West Coast Fleet ?

Fri May 07, 1999 7:32 am

They'll put a 757-200 on the Seattle-Orange County flight, I imagine.
I think that American (ex Reno Air) flighs out of San Jose CA will be MD-80's. The MD-90 will probably be grounded.

Ben Soriano

RE: A'A West Coast Fleet ?

Fri May 07, 1999 3:30 pm

Why use MD 80's? Doesn't the MD 90 have more efficient engines? I've seen several places recently that airlines are choosing to stop and/or never start using MD 90's. Anyone know why, or is it just kinda a lemon with high maintenence costs or something?