You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 11:11 am

At a Belgian airshow (Hasselt-Kievit airfield) I once saw a Pitts Special crashing in front of my eyes. The pilot did a screwdive, too low, and didn't come out. The red/white coloured double decker crashed with full speed steep with its nose into the grass runway, at just 50 meters from the public. The pilot was killed at impact. There was no fire. The crowd, myself included, and even the firebrigade were in shock. The most horrifying thing of this event was that all aircraftnoise, cracking metal, wood and linnen disappeard immediately after impact and than it was extremely silent. The Belgian airshow commentator said a while later: "Uh, this was not the meaning ladies and gentlemen..."

RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 11:44 am

I've seen a few...
When I was a kid, I watched to F-101s make a formation takeoff and hit each other. One of the pilots was able to eject safely. When I was in college I attended an airshow where a Marine Corps Harrier lost power while demonstrating a hovering takeoff. The aircraft slammed to the ground and was severely damaged. The pilot escaped with minor injuries. About 15 years ago, an airshow pilot rolled inverted right after taking off. As he passed about 100 yard in front of us, he let the nose drop below the horizon and drove the airplane right into the ground. I was the entire thing "up close and personal." He did not survive. I've also seen a couple of single engine retractables (one, a brand new C210 on it's delivery flight) land gear-up. Relatively minor aircraft damage and no injuries. I never care to see another accident. They are NOT pleasant. You leave the scene with a sick feeling in your gut that lasts for a long time.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 11:59 am

I saw a cessna 140 crash on a grassstrip in Maine his left tire fell off on t/o and he came in and it struck the ground i ran to get help from people nearby he walked away with a scaratch on his arm luckY!@
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 12:13 pm

Ive never seen one and I wish I never see one . I would end up being trammatized that must be one of the worst sights in the world it cant be fun to watch people get or hurt or worst get killed .
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 12:14 pm

My dad drove past AA 191 as it was still burning outside O'Hare.

RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 12:50 pm

I was in NYC the day TWA 800 exploded, I didn't see it, and I'm glad I never saw it.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 1:13 pm

1. I drove by the site of AM 498 (Cerritos, CA, 8/31/86) shortly after its crash; I was taking a friend to her flight to commute to Detroit (a NW FA)- spooky.

2. A very close friend was present in Paris when the TU-144 crashed; he was still a kid, and as they watched, he told his father, "that plane is not going to make it," to which his father replied, "nonsense- he's just showing off." History tells the tale.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 1:16 pm

I saw an old airforce F-86 jet painted like one of the old thunderbirds crash at an Airshow near Detroit at Selfridge Air National Guard Base back in 1994. The pilot slammed the jet into the ground and died on impact. It was pretty scary to see.

My buddy saw Flight 255 crash and he almost got hit by it. He worked at the airport, if he had been a few seconds later, such as stopped at a light earlier, he could have been the victim. He was driving down Middlebelt Road where it crashed, and he had just passed Wick Road when he saw a very unusually low flying aircraft appear to have clipped the rental car building. He knew something was wrong right then and there, then he saw it come down in his rear view mirror. He still seems traumatized by it.

It didn't help him any later because he was at the airshow with me when that demonstration plane crashed. I can't get him to go to anymore airshows
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 1:27 pm

When I was young kid at school in Knoxville, Tennessee. My teacher heard very strange noise then stop with window open in classroom. A few minutes later, my school bell rang is over. I went outside and I can see across river where Knoxville downtown airport is at. I saw the small plane was crashed wreck side of runway. The helicopter picked up the pilot to the hospital. Later, I heard that pilot died. The small plane was failure engine while taking off. That's sad.

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 2:15 pm

I have seen three fatal crashes, all of them at the Canadian International Airshow that is held in Toronto. The first was in 1977 when a Fairey Firefly crashed after pulling up, I believe the pilot, Alan Ness, a founding member of the Canadian Warplane Heritage, stalled the aircraft. He was killed.

A few years later I was at the show when the two Snowbird aircraft collided in midair, killing Capt. Shayne Antaya. Col. Dan Dempsey ejected and survived.

In about 1994 I was at the same airshow when a RAF Nimrod crashed and killed I believe 7 aircrew. I can't remember the exact cause but it was deemed to be pilot error. If memory serves he entered a manouver too low and simply ran out of airspace. All four engines were found to have been at full power at the time of the crash.


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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 2:24 pm

I came VERY close to watching a Dragon Air A320 crash. My photos are in the government report. The aircraft had flap problems and every time the gear was lowered the aircraft become very unstable. Anyway after two aborted landings on RWY 13 and one on 31 (Kai Tak) the pilot said that he has no fuel for another try so this was the last. At the last moment they lowered the gear land at about 45 degrees the aircraft left the runway over the grass crossed a taxiway back on to the grass and came to a halt with the nose a right main gear on the main taxiway and the left main on the grass.

I tell you hearing the whole thing live and reading the report later I can tell you I came very close to seeing something very horrible.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 2:45 pm

I saw a "T something" that was made up to look like an old Thunderbird crash. The pilot was close to the ground, and he decided to roll, he was too close and the wing hit the ground and he did a cartwheel. He died instantly. It was pretty shocking. The airshow continued though. This was at Selfridge Air National Guard Base here in Michigan I believe in '94.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 2:48 pm

While it wasn't a big aircraft, I was actually in a plane crash as a child (11).

My dad was a private pilot and we had taken a family vacation from California to Colorado for a week. We were flying back and my dad overshot the approach to Ogden, Utah. As he tried to apply power, the engine just continued to idle. We were about 200' AGL with the airport behind us. He lined up on another runway but it was clear we wouldn't make it (Railroad levee short of the runway - your classic 50' obstacle). So, he aimed for a small field short of the runway. We barely missed some powerlines and one of the landing gear sheared off on a fence.

Upon hitting the ground, the plane (a Cessna Cardinal) immediately came down on the side with no landing gear and came to a stop after an abrupt semi-circle. The plane was a total loss but my family and me walked away.

Anyway, I'm still here 28 years later and I still love flying.

Dave in Berlin
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 2:57 pm

I had a best friend and his family were killed on PA 103. I've seen the wreckage in the warehouse. I've also seen the plane a few years before the bombing.

When I was taking off in a Kuwait airways 747-200 from JFK in December of 1995 I did see that Tower Air 747-100 with the #4 engine ripped off after it hit a light pole and the forward nose gear collapsed. The plane was later canabalized for parts for other 747s in Towers' fleet. They had an incident/accident rating 13 times worse than the old Valujet accorrding to the DOT. Thank god their out of business. Their CEO Morris Nacatomi fled the country after the airline stopped flying to avoid creditors and angry pilots after he screwed them out of $12 million in backpay.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 3:59 pm

I hope never to see one...
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Wed Mar 21, 2001 4:21 pm

I saw a Beaver crash and explode. It was actually murder. The pilot was a doctor, and his partner wanted all the profits, so he hired a mechanic to reverse the controls. Instead of doing a climbing right turn, he did a decending left turn right after takeoof at Lake Hood and crashed in the parking lot. It blew up right on impact. If he would've pre-flighted, he would've found the crossed controls. Sad indeed.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 8:06 pm

FP_v2 Wow, that's kind of rude. How do you know if people are lying. Surely in the world somewhere there are witnesses to accidents and other such things. People saw the Oklahoma City bombing, recent train accidents in the UK, and 96 football fans dying in a stadium disaster. My house was shaking when the quake hit Seattle a couple weeks back. Regardless of the event there is going to be many people witnessing things....

Is it that hard to believe that these folks are telling the truth??

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 8:17 pm

Aerotech...I have never heard of that incident....

The worst incidents I have seen.....

A L-4 with a 60 hour pilot attempt to make a downwind landing with a 32 knot gusting tailwind. They made it down in one piece.

Two bipe races attempt to land on top of one another at the Reno races in 96.

When I was in the service I was installing radio gear for my unit at the FARP at Graff. Anyway the Cobra unit was on it's last day of manuvers and they where doing hot fueling and arming. Anyway I saw out of the corner of my eye a guy walking into the tail rotor.

I consider it lucky that these where the worst incidents that I can remember considering that I work at an airport and around airplanes all of the time.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 8:37 pm

DTWA320, you were right. Now that I think of it, that ex thunderbirds plane was a T-33, not an F-86. I don't know what possessed me to say F-86, that is the Sabre. I should know better.

I didn't even get the right plane that I had mistaken to get. I was thinking of another "F" plane that looked like the T-33, but I don't know what got me to say F-86.

As for that Thunderbirds painted T-33, there is another one flying, it was at Selfridge last summer. I got kind of worried when I saw that one flying. It did the same manuever that the one in 94 crashed on.

Last summer at Selfridge I saw a P-51 make an emergency landing during an airshow. It was flying in formation with another P-51 and I want to say an F-15, unless I was thinking of another show where a P-51 and F-15 flew in an unusual combo. Anyway, one of the P51s quickly returned and landed.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:04 pm

I saw a Pan Am B707 crash at Boston in the late 1960s. It was a cargo flight from JFK to Europe, that had smoke in the cockpit and diverted to Boston. I guess the smoke was so thick that they couldn't see to land, and they crashed on the runway. I was driving down the highway that passes the airport and I was keeping one eye on the road and one eye on the approaching aircraft, and all of a sudden there was a "bang", fireball, and big cloud of black smoke.

I also once saw a near mid-air collision between a NA B727 and a UA DC-8. I was walking my dog on a hill (about 7 miles from BOS) and was watching the planes on approach to the airport. I saw the NA plane approaching from the left, and the UA plane from the right....heading towards each other and getting really close. I assumed they were at different altitudes. All of a sudden, both planes suddenly banked sharply and turned away from each other. I mean they were REALLY steep banks and REALLY sharp turns...and I am sure the passengers were jostled the aircraft were clearly trying to avoid hitting each other.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:10 pm

I had the terrible misfortune to be at an airshow at USAF Ramstein in Germany in 1988. The Italian Air Force Display Team 'Frecce Tricolori' had just started their display when one of their routine's went tragically wrong resulting in four (if I remember correctly) of their MB339 aircraft colliding. One of the jet trainers (which was the 'singleton' in the display and flying towards the crowd line) crashed into the crowd killing around 70 people. I was further down the crowd line and can remember feeling the heat of the fireball when the jet exploded.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:12 pm

Hi all,

I saw a Canadian Regional Airlines F-28 go off the end of one of the runways here at St. John's, NF a couple of years back.
The plane was landing on runway 16. The weather was rain, drizzle and fog, and because our main runway (29/11) was being upgraded, some of the landing aides for 16/34 were disabled. Visability was above minimums.
The pilot touched down well over the half way point, and because the runway was only 7500ft, and braking action was reduced because of the water, the plane went off the end.
The nose gear was sheared off, but there were no injuries to the passengers and crew except for some minor bumps and brewses.
The a/c had also just been painted in the new proud wings livery. If I remember correctly, the reg. was C-FTIZ, but I'm not 100% positive.

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RE: FP_v2 Please Be Carefull

Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:14 pm

Ofcourse people could lie. But I think the most of the readers of are serious people! Especially with my topic it would be sick when people are writing a fanatasy story about crashes.
For me it was a shocking experience to see somebody killing himself in front of my eyes.

A year later, at that same airfield, a home built propplane took off with tailwind during the airshow. The plane smashed to the ground very hard due to a windshear, almost hitting two parked, fully tanked RAF Harriers. The unretractable wheels were seriousely damaged. Instead he land the plane he took off and at 100m height he lost power and crashed behind a bunch of trees. The pilot had minor injuries due he pulled the plane horizontal just before impact. Terrible experience!

Many years ago, during the late 70's, as I lived close to Maastricht Airport I saw a USAF Sabreliner almost colliding with a Piper Cherokee (height 350m). The two encountered because the Piper turned in, without noticing the Sabreliner was coming also for landing, for landing after it flew a short circuit. The two had a distance of around 25 meters. The pilot of the Piper turned away the glidepath of the Sabreliner very quickly avoiding the collision. Terrible experience!
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:23 pm

I haven't seen any crash in front of my eyes.
But I heard once.
ON 22nd Aug 1999. A Mandarain Airlines MD-11 crashed at HKG. On that day I was at home and listening to the ATC. I heard that MD-11(B-150) on approach and flew over my house(my house is 15 miles on ILS 25L).And later I heard someone calling for help.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:23 pm


So you dont think we tell the truth ??

OK this is some of the detail from the report of the incident I saw.

Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong

Report on the Incident to Airbus A320-231 VR-HYU at Hong Kong International Airport on 6 June 1994

Aircraft Accident Report No 1/97

Date: 6 June 1994 at 0917 hr

Thats just the title, it contains over 80 pages of charts tables etc and the full communication between the pilots and the tower.

And the release from Airbus telling pilots what to do if this happens again.

This is just a tiny bit of the communications:

Second approach :

0851:53 HDA323 : Dragonair three two three, we do have a serious problem with the flight control, the aircraft becomes uncontrollable andd we are on the missed approach at the moment trying to solve the problem again.


0853:29 HDA323 : five hundred feet, we do have a serious malfunction with the flight control the minute we lower the landing gear and the aircraft became completely uncontrollable. Ah we are a bit short on the fuel, we would like to turn back, if possible for runway three one please.


0859:50 APP : Dragonair Three Two Three, two-minute mean wind at this momentis zero nine zero degrees at one seven knots, do you anticipate any difficulties in landing on runway three one ?

0900:03 HDA323 : Dragonair Three Two Three we accept...Runway three one and we are ready for the airport.

He tried a precision approach but went around for the third time....

0903:22 PAR : Dragonair three two three, I see you are going around, continue with the standard missed approach prodedure, climb four five zero zero feet over.

0903:32 HDA 323 : Precision, Three two three, ah we cannot, we have a shortage of fuel, we have a shortage of fuel.


0905:52 HDA 323 : Dragonair three two three, we like to make one more attempt, if it is possible we are very low on fuel.


0908:36 HDA 323 : Dragonair three two three, request immediate landing....

So what do you think ??, during this the pilot said this to the senoir purser:

Now the aircraft became uncontrollable each time we lowered the landing gear, I want you to prepare for a crash landing OK.


RE: You Ever My Mother Always Shouted...

Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:35 pm

I lived under the glidepath for runway 22 of Maastricht Airport in the little village Beek (in the south of NL). During the '70's Maastricht had a lot USAF staff aviation movements because of the AFCENT HQ which was situated in Brunssem. Anyway a lot of Convairs and Douglasses but also B707's freighters were coming in during these years. It happened very often that the aircraft flew very, very low over the village.

As an aircraft lover I was trained to hear aircraft coming and so I always ran to the window to see the planes. Often I heard the aircraftengines very loud but I saw nothing coming. Short after that I saw the aircraft coming from behind the trees as it was too low. When my mother saw this happening, several times, she always started to shout to the planes very loud and phoned the airport authorities to complain. Now my mother is almost 67 and she's still acting so.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 10:29 pm

To all: I witnessed a number of crashes during my military service in SEA during the early 70's. The most horrifying was to see a Marine F4 roll over and crash into the ground after delivering a napalm strike in front of the ridgeline we were holding.

Not something you ever forget...

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 10:38 pm

we missed the British Midland 737 crash at East Midlands Airport (Kegworth Disaster) by about 30 seconds. i was looking out the back window of the car and saw a plane on fire. then the next minute i saw a burst of flames coming off the motorway. 3 hours later my dad was there as hes a Cop helping people with injuries.
i was scared of flying for quite a while. not anymore though.
regards BDRules

RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 11:48 pm

What's even worse than a plane crash is an airline crash. I was in on one of those myself once. The screams of the newly unemployed and investors burned by the experience. You never forget it.


RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 1:38 am

I was at Lanseria in October 1983 when one of the Silver Falcon Impalas lost its wing as it pulled up out of a dive. The pilot ejected, but he was too close to the ground for his chute to fully open after seperation from his seat and he was sucked into the fireball.

Following the crash, the response of the emergency services was seriously hampered by many of the spectators running off across the runways towards the crash site which in reality was quite some distance away across the valley.

At the time, I was with General Louis Kriel (then head of the SAAF) who was visibly shaken by the incident.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 2:12 am

Can't say that I've seen one, but I came close to being in one while returning to Bergen - Flesland from Copenhagen - Kastrup one summer. It was onboard an SAS MD-80. Just before landing a heavy wind lifted the right wing and the left wing came within inches of touching the runway. God knows what could have happened had it struck.

I've also seen a plane "stall" on landing, didn't look like the pilot had alot of controll during the situation.

Fortunatly I've never seen an actual crash, and I hope i wont.

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 2:15 am


What is flight 255? I mean, what airline, aircraft, and location?

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 2:26 am

I almost saw a Delta Express 737-200 Marry a US Airways Express Dash 8 at BOS. I was spotting one day when the Dash 8 took the runway. The DL 737 didnt abort the take off untill he was at least 50ft above the Dash 8, at least I call that a close call. That happend about a year ago.

And in 1997 i was leaving MIA on an AA A300 when after taxiing almost to the runway we returned to the gate flanked by a Crash-Truck. As it turned out someone smelled smoke in the cabin. After a breif investigation it turned out that it was caused by a blown out reading lamp in the cabin.

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 2:31 am

I saw a private plane land on Highway 400 in Atlanta about 1/4 mile ahead of me. It hit a van, pilot lived but the guy in the can did not. Needless to say, we were not able to get off the highway for many hours.

I have seen the wreakage of the Cubana de Aviacion plane that crashed in Quito, Ecuador. AFter the crash, the moved the plane from the soccer field and left it sitting next to the runway. One of those things you don't like to see on takeoff. Looked like a violent crash.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 3:12 am

Yes I was in Lockerbie when PA103 came down. There was a huge bang and when I looked outside I could see this bright orange fireball falling to Earth. When it crashed onto the ground there was another loud explosion. All I could see was fire, peoples bodies and people running about scared. The emergency services were magnificent in getting to the scene quickly. The image will remain in my mind forever.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 3:25 am

A Cessna-172 nearly crashed when taking off from Newcastle around 3 years ago. Me and my pal were walking from the terminal to Callerton Parkway station, as you get a view of the runway from the road, through the trees. We seen it climb to around 200 above the road, and the engine cut out, however it gained power moments later and climed out and we watched it come back into the airport. All seemed well.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 3:35 am

I'm about 10 miles from LHR, there is actually one of the main beacons right by - Epsom - but traffic flies North to the Thames before heading West on finals. The sky above is always full of planes, sometimes you can see five without moving your head, but they're always holding and quite high, gear up, sometimes first degree of flaps.

Not really a crash but a serious emergency a few weeks ago. A friend called me at home (I was sick off work with flu for a day) and told me to look out the window. Lo and behold an SAS MD80 was flying past very low, very slow, with the gear down. All the gear doors were open, including the bay doors in the belly. It flew past in a low orbit about ten times (my mate had already been watching for 20 minutes before he called). They were obviously in a lot of trouble. I filmed it a few times and then watched it make an unsteady turn right and in the direction of LHR. I later found out it had had a major hydraulic failure and made an emergency landing at Heathrow after burning off all it's fuel right over my house. Surrounded by fire trucks, it stayed on the runway for ages til SAS put pins in the gear to secure it and towed the aircraft to a parking space.

Quite exciting and interesting (especially seeing the flight directly overhead) but that is of course in hindsight because due to the skill of those involved it was a safe non-event. I'm sure at the time it was very scary for the passengers and I'm very glad I wasn't onboard.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 5:00 am

Isn't callerton parkway a little far away from the airport?
(It's not closer than Kingston park, is it?)

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 5:27 am

My friend Chris saw a C-5 once, and said that he could hear that there was something wrong with the engines. I don't know if he was right though.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 5:53 am

Twice, both at the Canadian Int'l Airshow

1989 2 Snowbirds collided and both crashed, 1 pilot killed, the other ejected.

1995 RAF Nimrod, didn't see it, but heard it and did see it's final pass before the big wing over that stalled it an put it into the lake. XV239's tail section lies pretty well intact at the Toronto Aerospace Museum at YDZ.

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 6:23 am

This is the truth.
I have seen 4 crashes and one plane tip over on a taxiway.

A long time ago, Meadowlark airport, Huntington Beach, California. Tri Pacer go off the runway on landing tipped and the wing dug in the dirt. Spun around and stopped. No Injuries.

1981, At SNA with my father to pick up family. All the Fire Trucks rolled out and a Bonanza circled for about an hour with the gear stuck up. Landed gear up slid and spun around 3/4 of turn. No big deal.

1986 (I think) Col.Caddick Slammed belly first onto the tarmac at the El Toro Air Show and survived. I watched the whole thing in shock.

1983, Huntington Beach, California
Mid air collision with a 172 and a King Air. Did not see the 172 fall but saw the King Air trailing fuel and a large piece of metal fluttering down. The King Air landed safely at SNA.

1994 - 1995 ?, El Toro Airshow Mig or Sabre( cabt believe I dont remember wich one) plow the tarmac and explode. mass pandemonium, very traumatic. Not a good day.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 9:16 am

I was at our family restuarant (only a couple of miles away from DTW) when Northwest Flight 255 crashed, my father and uncle went to the crash site, but came back saying it was all blocked off. The only thing I can remember clearly was sitting at the table listening to my uncle talk about it.

I've seen animations of the crash, and my god, I cannot imagine seeing it personally.


RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 12:00 pm

While taxiing before takeoff enroute to Fort Lauderdale from Boston back in 1982 on Spring Break to visit my grandparents on a Delta L-1011, I saw the remains of the World Airways DC-10 which had skidded off the the runway a month or so earlier into Boston Harbor killing two passengers.

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Thu Mar 22, 2001 2:28 pm

I saw the charred remnants of a Cessna 172 that burned up in the runup area of LZU (Lawrenceville, GA..NE of ATL).... got some good pictures of it. No one was hurt... the pilot felt heat, shut down the plane and got out as the thing bursted into flames.

My dad departed off of the same runway the Concorde crashed in Paris the day after the crash.

I have had an engine failure in a Seminole while flying and had to make an immediate landing, also i had an oil gasket blow on departure in that same airplane 2 months later...also requiring an immediate landing.

Corocks: I am from atlanta..i remember seeing the plane sitting there on Georgia 400 in the middle of the freeway on the news that night. IT seems like that landing happened during rush hour too (which in atlanta is basically all hours but 3am in the morning). Small world isnt it?
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Fri Mar 23, 2001 9:23 am

My Dad's business friend was on the bridge when the 737-200 hit it in the winter in Washington DC. He saw it hit the cars right in front of him. Believe it or not, he was right there. I forgot to tell that amazing story.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Fri Mar 23, 2001 1:22 pm


Sorry, if I didn't make it clear. Flight 255 was a Northwest MD-80 that crashed on takeoff from Detroit Metro DTW bound for Phoenix due to the flaps not being set right. 155 people died in that crash, amazingly one 4 year old girl survived, the only survivor on that plane. This was in August 1987.

The plane crashed down on MiddleBelt Road, one of the busy roads that lead to the airport and slid under a railroad and freeway overpasses. I believe two people were killed on the ground in a Blazer

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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Fri Mar 23, 2001 1:38 pm

saw a guy hit hard while landing a cessna and the gear collapsed. The prop came out as a mangled piece of metal. He had to scrap the plane. He was fine though.
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Delta 191

Fri Mar 23, 2001 1:42 pm

at DFW in 1985. Big orange ball of flame smacking into those two water tanks and disappearing into a cloud of smoke and rain. I even ended up talking to the FAA's lawyers and Delta's lawyers about how much wind shear I saw out there. What I told the Delta guys must not have been helpful to them so I never ended up testifying...

Delta did a repeat performance for a couple of my former colleagues on the DFW Airport staff three years later with a 727 bound for Salt Lake City. Not long after that, they came out with their "we get you there with care" slogan...

RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Tue Apr 10, 2001 6:12 am

I'm grateful that I have not yet witnessed an airplane crash.

I did see the aftermath of a crash at Melbourne Int'l in FL last month. I got to the airport about 15-20 minutes after a C172 had flipped on Rwy 27L. The winds were gusty up to 27KTs and variable, but were mainly coming out of the south. Apparently a heavy gust caught the plane as it flared to land.

One that I did not see at all, but has become a legend at the school(FloridaTech) is the dual landing of a Cherokee and a Cessna at Plant City Airport in FL. Both aircraft were on final, the Cherokee above the Cessna, when they collided and became stuck together in midair. The Cherokee was a student solo, and one of our planes, I must admit. Luckily, the CFI in the Cessna was able to land both planes safely. Apparently, the Cherokee pilot didn't know that they were still linked until touchdown. I couldn't find a picture of the planes on, but if you go to there's a picture of the two planes after landing.
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RE: You Ever Saw A Plane Crash In Real?

Tue Apr 10, 2001 7:02 am

I saw the icident with the Sabena Airbus A340 when it returned from JFK. It had just touched down on Rwy 25L at EBBR (Brussels), when the right main gear collapsed, and the aircraft skidded off the runway into the grass next to it. I think it was in August 1998.

Fortunately the aircraft did not explode, but when it happened, at that very moment, I thought it would, so it was pretty scary.

As an aviation enthousiast I was happy to be a witness of this incident, but of course, I prefer that accidents like these do NOT occur in the first place. I'm no sadist...

Anyway, I sure was glad to be working for Sabena as a student that month..and to be in the cafetaria that noon, having a great view on Rwy 25L. When I went back to work, the others that were still working, couldn't believe that this actually happened.

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