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Iberia, American And Delta

Fri May 07, 1999 6:15 pm

Whats up with all these strikes? First it was Eastern that went down with a strike, later Pan Am. Last year American's pilots went on strike, last month America West's stewardesses went on strike, now Iberia's pilots are on strike, and I heard Delta pilots are planning to do the same. Please stop ruining our beautiful airline world and ruining your source of work...the airlines!!
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RE: Iberia, American And Delta

Sun May 09, 1999 3:27 am

I agree that this should be simple, but in this world, nothing, even the unions can agree on a thing. I just hope that everything, including the Delta one mostly, is resloved very quickly.


RE: Iberia, American And Delta

Sun May 09, 1999 3:34 am

Hi :

What !!! Do you know the potential day that Delta's pilots are going to be on strike ? I already bought my tickets with Delta for my vacation trip in June 12 ??

Thanks for your info ...