Cheap Passengers...

Fri May 07, 1999 7:12 pm

This happened some time ago when I was flying in QANTAS to London and ha, some passengers are so cheap that they steal the magazines (not the comlpmentry airline mags, but like VOGUE and TIME), and stealing airline forks and knives. I noticed this because the passenger near me did just that! How cheap! and it makes me laugh!!!
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RE: Cheap Passengers...

Fri May 07, 1999 11:29 pm

What about all the people who "steal" safety cards?

RE: Cheap Passengers...

Sat May 08, 1999 1:30 am

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I've Done That.

Sat May 08, 1999 3:28 am

I've got an Australian Airlines fork, and Ansett tea spoon
QF knifes and forks and salt and pepper, Cathay pacific spoon, Air New Zealand Towel, Lufthansa Mouthwash
Ansett hand towel, to name a few. My favourite stuff has to be the Lufthansa mouth wash but - i wish i could find this stuff on the market. Its a concentrate, you put a small amount of it in water, and then, top it up, your mouth is just like you stept out of the dentist. Oh, i have SIA toothpaste too.
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Yep, Me Too. But Not Magazines

Sat May 08, 1999 3:47 am

What I usually keep is the food that's left over :)). It's normally non-perishables like salt, sugar, pepper, sauces, jams (in small packs) well and tissues... Also, fruits like apples and pears.

All of those normally carry airline's identity, like logos and stuff... similar to sickness bags. :)

Then it's nice, someday, to take out a, say BA's sugar and use it for your tea, when you're in Eastern Siberia, Russia :). (that's where I live, and do that when I get "Britain-sick") :).

Alexander Alexeyev
Scotland - Russia.

RE: Yep, Me Too. But Not Magazines

Sat May 08, 1999 4:19 am

I have to admit that I too, love to collect anything with an airline's logo (but not the airsickness bags)

RE: Cheap Passengers...

Sat May 08, 1999 6:46 am

I keep the forks and knives too (After I ask the flight attendant if I may do so). I keep them as souveniers of my trip. I also keep the sickbag
(unused), Airline magizine, saftey card (with permission), cups, napkins, and alot of other things. But I would not want a time magizine.

Colin Kumpunen
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I Don't Get It...

Sat May 08, 1999 1:34 pm

I just don't get it...why in the world would you want to "steal" other things that thousands of people have put their germy mouths and hands all over??? Now sugar, safetycards, and headsets I can understand, but the silverware...WHY???? Do you whip it out, and flash it around at the dinner table when you have guests or something?? "'s one of Cathay Pacific's dinner forks. Can you see the intricate design on the handle?" I'm sorry, but I just don't get it!!


Plastic Forks

Sat May 08, 1999 11:30 pm

I only take plastic forks, knives, spoons, and cups. I would never take real silverware unless I was the only on who used it. Today you would probaly never see silverware in coach, unless on a very long flight or a good airline.

Colin Kumpunen

RE: Plastic Forks

Sun May 09, 1999 6:51 am

AA uses silverware (not plastic) in coach most of the time for environmental reasons. I flew last week ORD-SAN and the fork and knife were metal.

RE: Cheap Passengers...

Sun May 09, 1999 10:22 am

Qantas and Ansett both use Metal stuff.....
Theyre great
Even on 45 minute trips.....

Yeah The Aussies Rule

Sun May 09, 1999 11:48 am

Good on ya Ansett 747-400!