Lukla Airport In Nepal

Fri Mar 23, 2001 1:16 pm

Lukla airport in Nepal is extremely difficult to land. The runway is I believe less than a 1000 feet in length. It has a massive peak at the end. Actually, it is built on Mountain. So, when the plane lands, it is at about 20-40 degrees (something like that) inclined. So the plane (turbo prop) lands at pretty good speed and comes to a complete stop at the END (infront of the mountain). For takeoff, the plane gets to full power and with the great slope, it takes off. If for some reason it is unable to take off, off it goes down several 1000 feets!!!

U gotta see this airport, search for Nepal and when the photos come up, see Lukla's photos.
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RE: Lukla Airport In Nepal

Sat Mar 24, 2001 12:05 am

Has anyone landed a private plane there?

It is one of my dreams to land there one day.
They say that Royal Air Nepal do not let their pilots fly there unless they have observed it first and that there is no going around due to the mountain and no overshooting by a foot as the end of the runway is...a building. You either land - or else... And all that at an altitude of some 9500 ft!

Photos, especially on short final, must be the greatest show on earth!

There must be some photo somewhere.



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