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First 757-300 In Fao

Sun May 09, 1999 4:13 am

Today I saw the first 757-300 to land here in FAO. As you all may guess it's from Condor, flight 632, reg. D-ABOC.

It looks very nice, much better than on magazines. It remember me a DC-8 with 2 engines :)
I will post the photo at airliners.net when ready.

Luis, Faro, Portugal

RE: First 757-300 In Fao

Sun May 09, 1999 4:49 am

Cool! I hope the -300 lasts longer than the -200 will. By the way, do you think thaat in the future Boeing will come out with a 757-400?

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RE: First 757-300 In Fao

Sun May 09, 1999 7:24 am

I've also been thinking about a possible 757-400, you are the first person to talk about it. Boeing hasn't said anything about it and I don't think it will ever happen especially if the 757-300 isn't selling well. Imagine the length the 757-400 would have!!! Why stretching the fuselage length so much if a 767-300 or 767-400 can carry that many passengers? There's no point in making a 757-400.
That's my personal opinion.

Ben Soriano
Brussels Belgium

Yes, But..

Sun May 09, 1999 7:41 am

You have to consider that all airliners start off slow, then pick up. The 737 didn't start out well, now look where it's at! I think if you give the -300 some time, sales of it will pick up. And I certainly hope there is a 757-400. Being a -400 doesn't necissarily mean that it has to be longer, they could make a short-fuselage, long-range 757 for the -400. Hey, thats what they did with the 720, 747, and MD-87. Just a thought. :) Because by the time, as I've said before, the -200 will be gone, and the -300 old by the time I'd be able to fly for an airline, a 757-400 would be my only hope of flying a 757 at all during my lifetime, so I hope it happens.


RE: Yes, But..

Tue May 11, 1999 7:57 am

Does a 757-300 have a lot of fuel, can it make it to Hawaii?