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Boeing Beech Starship 7X7 Future?

Fri Mar 30, 2001 2:41 pm

Is this new Boeing concept a good idea? It seems like a bad idea for Boeing to shelve the 767-400LR and the 747-X & basically give Airbus free reign in two size categories with the A330 & A380. The 767-400ER sales have been very slow but the LR version could have greatly increased the 764’s sales but now it looks like Boeing is going to put the 764LR “on the back burner.” What are your opinions on this new strategy from Boeing? The speed and altitude performance doesn’t seem like any incredible leap over some previous airliner designs with a cruise speed of M.95 (not too much faster than a 727 or 747) and a cruise altitude around 45,000ft (not significantly higher than 777). Will airlines & the public embrace the new Starship-esque design? Will nervous passengers tend to avoid it? I don’t mean to sound negative since this aircraft looks interesting & may be a great idea however; I have some questions about Boeings strategy here.