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Fuselage Ondulation

Sat Mar 31, 2001 1:19 am

To what extent is fuselage ondulation on an airliner a worry??

I have seen ondulation on the bottom aft section (up to the APU) of several B-752s from different companies, which had on average around 40 000 hours and 15 to 20 thousand cycles or so. I was explained it was due to the constant pressurisation of the aircrafts during every flight.

Since aircrafts are built with truly thinner metal these days for economical reasons, could this become a deciding factor in the lifespan of a plane, if the company doesn't want to invest in costly structural repairs??

I mean, I heard the problem is already appearing on some A330/A340s, while it is not truly a concern on some older planes, tanks like the L-1011 or earlier Boeings, for example.

I'd like opinions on the subject,