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Possible New Comair Jets

Tue May 11, 1999 6:33 am

Comair is researching aircraft in the 30 to 40 seat range to replace its EMB-120s. They are going to choose either the ERJ-135, Do328JET, or Do428JET, or a mix of the 3. Both Embraer and Dornier are bringing their respective aircraft to CVG to show Comair. Apparently, they are very serious about ordering these soon, and they say all EMB-120s will be gone in 2001.

RE: Possible New Comair Jets

Tue May 11, 1999 4:20 pm

For the sake of Comair's PAX, I hope they choose the ERJ-135. The Embraer 145 is a great plane - very comfortable and with great big windows - and I'm sure that the 135 will be just as good. Personally, I'm not real fond of the Do 328Jet, mostly because of its high wing. I think it looks bad. On the other hand, we are in the process of getting a Dornier RJ simulator at Purdue, so I guess I'm going to learn to fly it.
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RE: Possible New Comair Jets

Tue May 11, 1999 11:12 pm

YAY!!! Next i wish that ASA would get rid of their brasilias