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If SQ/NZ Buy AN...............

Tue May 11, 1999 4:16 pm

If the plan to sell off the remaining portion of Ansett Australia to Singapore Airlines goes ahead, WILL THEY BE STILL CLASSED AS AN AUSTRALIAN AIRLINE??

With the two sole owners being Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines, I beleive that this would strip them of the right to be classed as an Australian airline.

Please, do not think for one minute that I am against Ansett. I have flown with them on many occasions and found their service to be exceptional (sure their coffee is shite but who's isn't).

My only concern is that once ownership is bestowed upon companies overseas the right to be classed as an Australian airline would be questionable indeed.

And to be perfectly honest I also do not believe that it will benefit the airline nor their route network in any way, shape or form. In particular I do not foresee their International operations benefiting whatsoever.

The introduction of two 747-400's into their fleet will still only provide the capacity to serve their current destinations. If Ansett are serious about their International services, additional aircraft will be required. But does Ansett (or SQ or NZ for that matter) have the money to invest in additional aircraft. At this stage, I think not.

What do you think?

Craig M Murray

RE: If SQ/NZ Buy AN...............

Tue May 11, 1999 4:22 pm

I don't see how an airline that has no financial base in Australia could have the operating rights of an Australian airline, but maybe they do things differently over there.
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RE: If SQ/NZ Buy AN...............

Tue May 11, 1999 4:34 pm

Yes they will still e Australian. As for international services, they will not be affected, as 51% of Ansett Internation, is owned by Australian Insitutional investors. 49% is owned by ansett transport industries, Ansett's equivelent to AMR. The other thing to remember is that a Australian investors own a significant stake of singapore airlines, and, Air new zealand is traded on the Australian Stock exachange, with Australians having sizable amounts of stock there too. Domestically, ansett's owenership wouldn't matter as much, but they have nothing to worry about(as long as one single foreign entity never gets more than 50%). The insitutional investors that own 51% of Ansett international are completely Australian, which is about the same amount of Australian ownership Qantas has. The rules are tricky, and were basically to stop Air New Zealand starting up Air new zealand 'pacific' or 'Australian link' or some ofther name they would give a subsidery. But, now they have their ansett stake, they are no longer interested.
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RE: If SQ/NZ Buy AN...............

Wed May 12, 1999 7:45 am

Lufthansa is right. Also Ansett is still an Australian registered company and always will be. It's a funny Ausie law that prevents fair competition. Foriegners cant start up an all new airline. But there is nothing to stop anyone buying up an existing one and running it.

Also lets not forget which counrty did the dirty over the Tasman open skies policy.

Ansett NZ operate here, at a huge loss. But no one stoped them.

I dont think ANZ has the $ to buy the other 'half' of Ansett Oz. If SQ take the option I can see alot of rationalising Between SQ/NZ/AN.
Also NZ needed AN to get into STAR and to feed the International operation.