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Sharjah, UAE Cargo Planes

Mon Apr 02, 2001 4:32 am


I was looking at my aviation book again. I saw many russian built aircraft from Asian countries like Azerbajan and Russia there. Why does Sharjah attract so many odd countries cargo airlines? It does not draw Cargolux or Gemini Air Cargo, from Western countries.

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RE: Sharjah, UAE Cargo Planes

Mon Apr 02, 2001 10:24 am

Hello AirOne,

The reason is that all airlines, regardless of their origin, generate big profit by serving cities like Dubai, Sharjah and Jeddah. And because many of the Asian and African and Russian airlines that do serve these cities are not financialy rich and can't afford big jets for major haul services to cities like Chicago, Dallas, etc., they serve UAE.
Western Airlines on the other hand, find it easy to make short haul flights and to make more annually. For example, Air Canada might operate couple of Freighters to NY everyday and all might be making profit. So in that case, why would they go to Dubai or Sharjah or Jeddah which is time consuming as well as fuel consuming.

RE: Sharjah, UAE Cargo Planes

Mon Apr 02, 2001 3:11 pm

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RE: Sharjah, UAE Cargo Planes

Mon Apr 02, 2001 4:42 pm

First, The UAE are paradise for shopping. There are quite a few people in the former USSR that make shopping tours there and sell the stuff back at home.
Second, safety restrictions for aircraft in the UAE are much lower than in other parts of the world. For example, the Antonov An-8 was in 1997 declared no longer airworthy by Antonov Design Bureau. This means they could no longer fly with a registration of a former soviet country. However, it was no problem to have them registered in countries like Liberia and have them based in the UAE. The aircraft officials in the country of registration didn't bother much, and at the airports, the aircraft wouldn't be checked for safety either. You could still operate them and have them based at an airport where they would get enough cargo. This is an ideal situation for operating old freighters. Only now the An-8s are being withdrawn from use.

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RE: Sharjah, UAE Cargo Planes

Mon Apr 02, 2001 8:08 pm

Actually, the UAE authorities are starting to crack down on poorly-maintained planes--mostly for insurance reasons.

An-12's are still common at Sharjah due to the fact you can get spare parts from the former USSR. An-8's are rapidly disappearing mostly due to the lack of spare parts for these planes, plus the fact many African countries are banning older ex-Soviet freighters due to the number of crashes involving these older planes.

Nowadays, you're far more likely to see An-32's, An-72/74's, and Il-76's at Sharjah, along with jets like Tu-154's, Il-62's and Il-86/96's.