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TWO Questions.

Tue Apr 03, 2001 2:21 am

Please forgive me for having to ask these questions, but I cannot say that I know the exact answers to either:

1. Why would the flaps and slats be down in the 15-degree position before the plane leaves the gate? (And then later, I was in seat 2B and saw a couple of "wheels" rolling at the same time the flaps were retracted approx. five minutes prior to pushback). What were these spinning wheels? This was a 737-300, by the way.

2. How fast is the average commercial airliner going when it touches down?

Any information is greatly appreciated as always.
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RE: TWO Questions.

Tue Apr 03, 2001 7:31 am

Aircraft land at varying speeds depending on the load. A typical speed is about 120 mph.
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RE: TWO Questions.

Tue Apr 03, 2001 2:43 pm

the flaps might have been down for pre-flight or maintenance.