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Does AtlasAir Fly To Seattle?

Tue Apr 03, 2001 1:49 pm

Hey everyone. I saw a picture in the database of an AtlasAir 747 arriving somewhere ( I forget where at the moment), and the comment said "On arrival from Boeing Field." Now, many cargo operations occur at BFI, like UPS, Airborne Express, and others, so it is possible. If it was on delivery, aren't all 747s delivered from Paine Field (Everett)? Also, I think it was a 747-200, so it wouldn't have been on a delivery flight. So does anyone know for sure? Thanks for any thoughts.
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RE: Does AtlasAir Fly To Seattle?

Tue Apr 03, 2001 3:18 pm

Atlas Air does some work for UPS. I think UPS has a 747-200 on ACMI contract.


is A.C.M.I, term used by Atlas when an company leases an aircraft. that is what they get on behalf, for cheaper prices.


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RE: Does AtlasAir Fly To Seattle?

Tue Apr 03, 2001 11:27 pm

If it was around Christmas (Peak Season) then it probably was operated on behalf of UPS. UPS contracted a couple of 747-200's from Atlas along with Polar and Evergreen for additional lift for peak. These aircraft did fly into BFI at times.

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