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Airbus AD On This Month's National Geographic

Wed Apr 04, 2001 2:18 pm

This months edition of National Geographic features an advertisement by Airbus, which shows how many similarities there are between the Airbus corporate culture and the "American Way". Although it says many great things about the American attitude and, the great accomplishments this country has achieved, how many great partnerships Airbus has with many american companies, and mentions some of the most innovative individuals of all time, I think it is extremely synical.


Just because Airbus has always tried to differenciate itslef from Boeing as being purely European(which we all know is wrong), and does this only when it is trying to sell its products in the USE. After all, I believe it was Leahy, when Airbus sold some A340s to Virgin, who, trying to put Boeing down, said that Boeing was the Chevy of airplanes, and Airbus was the Mercedez Benz. Though i think this a compliment to Boeing more than a put down.

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RE: Airbus AD On This Month's National Geographic

Wed Apr 04, 2001 2:40 pm

Actually I like both the Chevy and the mercedes. However I know that these are very different cars with different approach to their designs. American design their cars with one thing on their mind which is how to stuff the biggest engine with the highest ponnies into a car/truck. While Mercedes focus more on engineering and precision in design, which in turn would be more economical to operate.
These kind of engineering design seem to also have trickled down to airplanes. YOu can clearly tell from Boeing planes and airbus planes. I believe airbus is right that indeed it has alot of european heritage and their way of doing things. Still they have the need to have some technology support from American companies to help them develop their airplanes.