Tower Air - Gone?

Wed Apr 04, 2001 9:28 pm

Tower Air - gone or just forgotten ? Did they stay in Ch 11 or go out of bizz for good - anyone seen their planes flying recently - where did all the 747-200s end up ?
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RE: Tower Air - Gone?

Wed Apr 04, 2001 10:46 pm

There are 3 Tower Air 747's left at JFK. 2 are parked by their old terminal and the other (N622FF) behind the triple-hangars being parted-out. I believe a few are also stored/parked at VCV.

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RE: Tower Air - Gone?

Thu Apr 05, 2001 12:24 am

A few ex-Tower Air Jumbos soldier on with other airlines, like the former Avianca 747-259B-Combi. Last year one Tower Air plane was sold to UPS, another is flying for Polar. 2 will be used for start-up Voyager International, but the majority is in different stages of scrapping. Badly maintained 30 year-old first generation Jumbos are not sought-after nowadays.
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RE: Tower Air - Gone?

Thu Apr 05, 2001 5:29 am

According to the airliner census only three of Tower's 10 still registered 747s (N602, 603,620FF) show up as not scrapped or parked at MZJ, JFK or VCV, those must be the three that have been leased to UPS or that other airline mentioned above. Incidently their youngest aircraft, N622FF, mfg. 1981) is the one that is being b/u at JFK in the photo.


RE: Tower Air - Gone?

Thu Apr 05, 2001 10:06 am


Tower Air is in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and has sold all of it's assits to settle it's debt. They have been evicted from there JFK Terminal and all of there 747 aircrafts where repossed and scrapped or sold ( which ever got more money). There web site www. has been closed last week ( It has been running since they ceased all flight operations on May 1, 2000) The also ceased all Charters and shutdown in Sept.