Lonliest Airport

Wed May 12, 1999 10:02 am

What airport do you think is the lonliest? I think it is MOB-Mobile Regional Alabama. It has only a couple airlines, but it used to have lots. Delta Airlines 727's and MD-80's are frequent visitors. Delta and Airtran are the only jets that fly into this airport. USAIR is long gone from this airport. I remeber the days when I got to go inside their Fooker airplanes at this airport American is gone. I also got to go in their planes
for a look around also. Northwest Jets are gone, but the airlink is still here, and Continental Express flies here. Continental used to have 737 and even larger planes here to. American Eagle left the airport recently. The airport has 8 gates
some gates are abandoned. The airport is lonley because there are only a few flights here now. The airport just sits quiet most of the time, with an occasional Airtran DC-9 or Delta jet arriving or departing. Most of the airlines have flocked further east, to Pensacola Florida or west to Gulport/Biloxi Airport. It is a possibility that Airtran might leave this airport because Airtran flies into Gulfport, only 40 miles west. I think that this airport might only be left with Delta someday because the airlines are moving. Southwest was thinking about Mobile, but looks like they might choose Gulfport instead. What lonley airport have you been to?

Colin Kumpunen

Airtran Is Gone

Wed May 12, 1999 10:09 am

I just looked at their route map, they moved to Gulfport/Biloxi. The only airlines left are: Delta, Northwest Airlink, and Continental Express.
Continental Express also flies to Gulfport. There are 2 photos of their EMJ-145 in Gulfport here on

Colin Kumpunen
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RE: Lonliest Airport

Wed May 12, 1999 10:28 am

I know there is an airport just east of STL. It is located in Illinois. I believe it's called the Mid-America Airport. So far, it has not a single airline, yet it is continuing to receive upgrades. It has been around for a few years already. It appears to be a big white elephant.Talk about lonely....hehehe
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RE: Lonliest Airport

Thu May 13, 1999 7:26 am

The loneliest airport I have ever been to is Lydd Airport close to the south coast of England.

Access is via a single track road which winds for miles. When you finally arrive you are greeted by a carpark only capable of taking about 20 cars.

The airport building itself resembles a portacabin, well actually it is made from concrete. There is only ONE gate. To give you an idea of the size of the builing a B737 dwarfs it when parked alongside. There is only one checkin, an information desk and a coffee machine.

Believe it or not Lydd is an international airport with flights to France. There are no domestic flights from this airport. Oh and there is a customs area at the rear.

This is the loneliest airport I have ever visited but it has charm if you know what I mean.

Just to say I have not been there for four years so the situation could have changed.

RE: Lonliest Airport

Thu May 13, 1999 8:29 am

I would have to say Savonlinna Airport, Finland.
It has one, at the most two airlines servicing the airport. However, it is relatively busy most of the time. It has two gates, a duty-free shop, a remodeled building, and a baggage carousel, very modern (before they had a rack out front where all the luggage was) And it has actually been awarded Best Airport in Finland two years. 1995 and 1997. It's very beautiful. The airlines that service the airport are Finnair (the Finnish state airline, owns 58.3% of the airline) and recently acquired Air Botnia (which has been acquired by SAS for the sole purpose of feeding passengers from around Finland into Helsinki to depart on Star Alliance flights). As far as I'm concerned SAS is the Evil Empire, considering they were planning on trying to merge Finnair under the SAS umbrella, but Finns know better than that... and anyways, the president said no. :)