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Airlines Come...airlines Go

Fri Apr 06, 2001 7:32 am

I miss Reno Air. They were a good airline flying up and down the West Coast. They were born after AirCal and PSA (the dominant West Coast Airlines of the '80's) were swallowed up, and had their routes dismantled.

Now that AA has dined on QQ, and purged itself of most of the route structure (at least in and out of RNO), how long will it be before a "new" Reno Air (not necessarily the same name, but the same concept) gets set up to fill the void the AA left at Cannon International?
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RE: Airlines Come...airlines Go

Fri Apr 06, 2001 7:43 am

I don't know, but it would also be nice for some airline other than UAL to provide nonstop service between San Diego and SFO...
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RE: Airlines Come...airlines Go

Fri Apr 06, 2001 7:55 am

Dah! Matt, its not Cannon International anymore  Smile Its Reno/Tahoe International Airport Big grin I don't foresee any airlines to replace Reno Air in the near future. Airport traffic has decreased 16% from 1998 to 2000 and monthly statistics for this year show a decrease from last year, so it looks like the trend will continue. in 1998, we had 6,663,125 passengers, in 2000 we had 5,624,535 passengers, so you can see we are not doing to well. But who knows, Reno Air had some connecting flights here so maybe the loss of RNO as a small hub had something to do with the decrease in passengers. Maybe a new no-frills airline like QQ will increase the pax.

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