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New Gaza airport

Thu Nov 26, 1998 9:54 am

I was watching the news this morning and saw that they just finished a new airport in the Gaza strip, in Israel. Has anyone else heard about this?
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RE: New Gaza airport

Thu Nov 26, 1998 3:11 pm

Yea I heard about this. I think Egypt Air is flying there and probally Emirate Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Gulf Air or Royal Jordian Airlines will start to fly there.
We will see what happens. But Isreal is still going to control the air space around the airport.

-Farhan Ali.
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RE: New Gaza airport

Thu Nov 26, 1998 10:05 pm

It's open, yes.
It has a 2200m runway, and Palestinian Airlines operates it with 3 Fokker50's and a 727-200. Haven't heard from any other airlines landing there....