Transavia Airlines Changes Into Price Fighter!

Sat Apr 07, 2001 11:22 pm

Competition at the Dutch airline market becomes stronger and stronger. At the moment Holland (with 15 million Dutch) has a number of airlines operating from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport: KLM, KLM cityhopper, KLM exel, Transavia, Martinair, Dutch Bird, Vipair, Air Holland but also Ryanair, Eurowings and easyJet. To compete with the low cost charters Transavia Airlines (80% of KLM, 26 aircraft (B757's and 737's) and 1800 employees) feels to be forced to become a low cost carrier too. At the moment easyJet and Ryanair are booming. Also KLM is doing a deep research to the low cost market.
In the future passengers of Transavia will have to take their own food and drinks aboard or they have to pay extra for inflight services. Transavia started in 2000 a lowcost branch mentioned Basiq Air. The airline would now like to change to a full low cost carrier.
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RE: Transavia Airlines Changes Into Price Fighter!

Mon Apr 09, 2001 1:02 am

they have to be quick then.and change there website because it doesn,t work compared with easyjet.
maybe change there name in buzz already in the market