Lufthansa School

Sun Apr 08, 2001 9:03 am


my name is Mathias Roeser

i am looking around, to find somebody who is studying at Lufthansa, because i need to know some more tings about there, because i will probably start studying there

If you are a Pilot of Lufthansa or are just studyig there, please send me an e-mail, or find me at icq, so that we could chat a little, and maybe become some good friends. I am always online on weekends, and maybei am online at this moment, just find me there please.

my e-mail is
and my icq number is : 101601957 , nick AirbusMR

special thanks for those that will contact me, and thanks for reading my message

Mathias Roeser
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RE: Lufthansa School

Sun Apr 08, 2001 4:54 pm

I finished my ATPL there about 1 1/2 years ago. Not sure what has changed in that time though.
Maybe you should go to and check the forum there, as it is dedicated to (mostly) german aviation.

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RE: Lufthansa School

Sun Apr 08, 2001 5:01 pm

Hello Mathias,
I have no time now but I will write you as soon as possible. ( I will use your email-address).
Regards from FRA