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Fri May 14, 1999 9:45 am

Hi all :

When Delta mentions 767-300, does it mean a regular 767-300 or a 767-300ER ? I booked my flight via the internet and it did not say specifically (for seat selection).

The flight number is 266 in this June. Any idea, comment, or information ... Thanks


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Fri May 14, 1999 10:11 am

Well I looked in a Delta flight schedule I picked up at the airport last month, and it doesn't give any way to tell the difference between flights on the 767-300 and 767-300ER. In the front it lists the 767-300 as having 5 possible seating configurations of 10+28+174 (212); 10+28+165 (203); 24+228 (252); 48+147 (195); and 48+142 (190). Their website doesn't specify, either.

If it's making you nuts to find out, I guess you could try calling their reservations and ask them if they know whether it's a 300 or 300ER. And if they don't know, you might be able to figure it out by elimination by asking them what the capacity for that flight is and match it up with the numbers above. I feel certain the first 2 or 3 would be the ER since the three class configuration is more typical of international service aircraft, and the 2 class configuration is usually for domestic routes.
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RE: Delta Fleets

Fri May 14, 1999 11:21 am

Ok is the flight from LAX to ATL? I'm pretty sure it's just a -300 series, and not an ER.
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RE: Delta Fleets

Sat May 15, 1999 1:13 am

Best bet is that it will be a domestic 767-300. The ER's that operate out of lax
normally fly to jfk. As to the seating config, what a mess! The domestic -200's
and -300's have a two class layout. The ER's are a mixed config right now.
Delta is changing the international seating from three class to two class layout.
The new two class layout is called Business Elite and it is nice. Not all of the ER's
have the new seats yet.