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Brussels - Seattle With Delta

Mon Apr 09, 2001 11:14 pm

In September I will be travelling from Brussels to Seattle via Atlanta.
I guess the Brussels - Atlanta flight will be on a B767 , but what kind of planes does Delta operate on the Atlanta - Seattle flight ?

I will be returning via New York, so the same thing applies here, the flight bewteen JFK and Brussels will probably be a B767 but what plane can I expect bewteen Seattle and JFK ?

RE: Brussels - Seattle With Delta

Mon Apr 09, 2001 11:31 pm

Dear BelugaBoy,

Thank you for contacting Delta regarding our aircraft types. On the ATL-SEA route, you can expect a varietytof Boeing 757, 767-200, and 767-300 aircraft. The JFK-SEA route is operated exclusively by our Boeing 757 aircraft. Our aircraft are now being equipped with technologically-advanced seat pitch increase system, which lets passengers experience increased seat pitch without actually increasing the seat pitch. Also on board, you can expect a meal prepared by the chefs at a catering company. A complete and filling meal* can be expected, with 2 choices of entrees. Also on board, discount-theater movies are available, with an "Entertainment Charge" of $5. A "borrowed" free air tube headset will also incur a $5 charge. And on our older 767 aircraft, an interactive game of "Stuff your seatmate's luggage in the overhead" will be available, which can feature *some* physical contact.

Again, thank you for contacting Delta with your travel needs. We want to assure you that your comfort and well being are tops on our list.


Your Friendly Uncle Leo

*Filling meals are measured utilizing a 24-26 month old chicken.
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RE: Brussels - Seattle With Delta

Tue Apr 10, 2001 1:06 am

I tried some dates at for September, and the most logical connections from Brussels involving ATL westbound and JFK eastbound have the US Domestic trips on B757s.