Lybian A320 Replacements?

Tue Apr 10, 2001 12:05 am

The two ex-Libyan Arab Airlines A320s (EI-TLG and EI-TLT) have arrived in Mojave, CA. Does anyone know what aircraft replaced these at LAA?

Alan Radecki
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RE: Lybian A320 Replacements?

Tue Apr 10, 2001 2:30 am

As far as I know, they have used B737-400s of Italian carrier Blue Panorama and now they should have already got their first A300-600, registered JY-GAZ (I believe), it is an ex-Egyptair AB6.
BTW, a few weeks ago there was a meeting of some arabian head of states somewhere there in the region and President Gaddafi (sp?) of Lybia was there with his B707! I saw it at the evening news on TV.


RE: Lybian A320 Replacements?

Tue Apr 10, 2001 5:57 am

I believe they have returned the Blue Panorama 734s and are now operateing A320s. I could be wrong though. The problem was, the company Libyan Arab was leasing the A320s from, TransAer, an Irish leasing company, went out of business, forcing Libyan to return thier A320s. Currently Libyan is flying with 2 ex.Egyptair A300-600s. Have they returned the Royal Jordanian A310-200 yet?

RE: Lybian A320 Replacements?

Thu Apr 12, 2001 10:55 am

Libyan Arab Airlines should really buy their own aircrafts
it owns 727s,707 F28,27 all are old aircrafts they are able to modern their fleet with boeing 737 NG or airbus
fleet . I hope they do .
About the two ex of Egypt Air AB 300-600 did Egypt Air sell them to Libya or they are on Lease & what are the names of the two aircrafts SU-... ,SU... and are they flown by Egypt Air crews or no last did they paint them in their own colours ?
If any one have the answer I am waiting .