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BA's 757-200

Sat May 15, 1999 4:03 am

This summer I will be traveling on BA's 757-200s. What are they like?
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RE: BA's 757-200

Sun May 16, 1999 1:09 am

I have never been on a British Airways 757. All I can say is that the engines are Rolls Royce and the seats must be dark blue. I'm sure the seat layout is 3-3 in economy and 2-2 in first, like on all 757's.
Do you know that British Airways was the very first airline, with Eastern, to take delivery of the 757?

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RE: BA's 757-200

Sun May 16, 1999 1:39 am

On their Shuttle service (London to Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh)
the seating is all Economy, 3+3. On their European routes there
are Club Europe seats which are also 3+3 but with what looks like more
legroom, possibly better seats and presumably you get a better

Have a look at the seating plan:

Of course I'm biased but I'm rarely disappointed flying BA and I fly
them a lot.
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RE: BA's 757-200

Sun May 16, 1999 4:47 am


I have been on BA 757's a few times and my comments are...............dont get excited!!

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RE: BA's 757-200

Mon May 17, 1999 12:25 am

I flew yesterday from Helsinki to London in a BA 757. I was surprised that it was very much louder than Finnair 757 with P&W engines. Seating was 3+3 and I found the seats quite comfortable.