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More Bin Space Please!

Thu Apr 12, 2001 6:35 pm

Hi everyone!

Well about two hours ago, I steped off of N606UA (United's first 762) and well, when I got on, I realized how small the 767 bins are. The center bins barely held my tote bag. My other bag went on the other side of the plane, somewhere behind me. Anyway, has anyone else noticed that the center bins on the 767 are very small? On past 767 flights, I have been in first or business and had gotten my bag in the side bins, so I really did not notce how small the center bins were. Is there anything that can be done to make it so they actually hold some larger pieces of luggage?

And by the way, I still love the 767...despite its small bins.
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RE: More Bin Space Please!

Thu Apr 12, 2001 6:44 pm


I flew on C ORD-LHR on UA business on the 767-300ER and I found that those center bins tend to be small but more of a before state to the 777 bins. These bins are sorta small in every class. You must of flown Y with other bags I can see how hard it could be.

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RE: More Bin Space Please!

Thu Apr 12, 2001 6:57 pm

These problelms would be solved if people didn't bring more than one bag on board, and made sure it really was a "carry on" and not a small suitcase. At my airline we only allow one carry on bag per passenger (not counting purses and camera bags) and we fly 777's and 747's transatlantic. It's the only way to ensure that everyone will have a place to put their things. As a traveler myself, it infuriates me to see one person with three large carry on bags while another person with one bag cant even put it above their own seat because the space is taken up.
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RE: More Bin Space Please!

Thu Apr 12, 2001 7:33 pm

Must be a airline thing!! Maybe UA's Bins are smaller than AirNZ's??

Anyways, ILUV767, i have been trying to contact you for sometime now!! But your E-mai seems to be not working. Could you please give it to me!!
I will E-mail you soon Hopefully!


PS Did you have a good flight??