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Q about joining the majors

Thu Nov 26, 1998 1:28 pm

Regarding joining the majors,is it best to take the military route or by climbnig up the civilian food chain?

RE: Q about joining the majors

Thu Nov 26, 1998 1:42 pm

both of them are good routes. I really don't want to do all that yes sir no sir stuff and be shot at. So I am taking the civilian chain. You might fly for the majors soon depending on demand or slower. You will probably be a CFI if you don't join the mil. But flying a commuter is as much fun as flying a 747 you do the same kind of stuff. And become captain quicker. No way is quicker then the other I want like to go civilian. MKy eyes are not 20/20 they can be corrected to that but I cannot fly for the mil. It is really what you want to do. Yuo will get paid more I think the civilian way you can get paid more then mil as they don't pay that much.
The choice is yours. To me it really does not matter as all I want to do is fly.