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Thai MD-11

Sun Apr 15, 2001 12:54 pm

Does anybody know when Thai Airways (TG) is retiring their MD-11 ? I heard that sometimes this year...exchanging 4 MD-11 for 2 new B747-400...tell me more ...thanks.
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RE: Thai MD-11

Sun Apr 15, 2001 5:40 pm

hey .... sorry for being off topic but you might be the right person to ask ..... the Thai A330 that flies Bangkok-karachi-Muscat is a A330-300 or A330-200??? far as i think it is the former
And secondly do you have any knowledge how is the Karachi-Bangkok route doing now that there is increased competition with Cathay also flying on this route.Alot of pax from KHI took Thai to other far-east destinations as well but a travel agent told me few months back that Cathay has taken alot of the traffic from Thai out of KHI. Your comments would be welcome.
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RE: Thai MD-11

Sun Apr 15, 2001 6:21 pm

Thai have announced on one of their press releases that the MD-11s will be out of service by September 2001.

Thai utilizes the A330-300 version on BKK - KHI - MCT route. Although CX has taken a lot of business from Thai on this particular route. Both airlines are still doing fine on the same route. CX and TG does not fly on the same day , with TG507 on TUE , THU , SAT , SUN and CX701 on MON , WED , FRI. You can also say that the 2 airlines focus on different market segment. Most of TG pax on TG507 are those from other asian countries using BKK as a transit point, while CX on the otherhand offers a very reasonable fare on that routing, for pasengers in Bangkok travelling to Pakistan.