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Security Beefed Up In Mirabel

Mon Apr 16, 2001 4:40 am

Sounds like something is just about to happen, or else...

Security last night in YMX was just incredibly tight compared to what it usually is. The security guys just went around arresting everyone checking badges and airport driver's license.

For example, a guy I work with got arrested three times to get this checked. He told me it's the first time in two and a half years that he's checked. Usually, the guards only bother checking at the gates, especially since a big part of the flights went back to Dorval, but I mean they were flying all over the airport. I don't think I saw their vehicles without the flashers on.

Anyways, smells like something's about to happen in Mirabel. Furthermore, there is the Summit of the Americas next week in Quebec City, which will regroup the leaders from most nations in North and South America. Quebec doesn't have that big of an airport to handle over 30 leaders' planes, so my guess is Mirabel will be the choice of many leaders...

About Air force one, remains to be seen... but I'd sure like to see it in YMX, must be quite a sight.

Steven aka Tristar2000

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